Throwback Thursday


Remember when I made my own maternity jeans?  Yeah I loved them, and wore them all.the.time.

It’s nearly Hadley’s 1st birthday, so I am seriously mooning over the pregnancy pics lately.  It’s been a whirlwind 2 years-ish since this journey began.

It’s been a blast.

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Making the hard choices

This weekend Hadley had surgery on her hand to correct the polydactyly and the removal of her pinkie finger.  It was a rough weekend for sure.  She is in a full arm cast, and actually doing really well with it.  It’s not slowing her down AT ALL.  I don’t know why that surprises me but I was a little blown away with what a rockstar she was about the whole surgery, and how she’s been adapting with the cast.


So, the hard decisions…I was supposed to run the Women Run The Cities 10 miler this morning.

I didn’t.  If you’ve been around for a while then you know I have had some back issues since having Hadley, and it has made for some really rough runs.  Then the last few runs have been sidelined due to ankle pain.  So I have also decided not to run my planned half on October 11th.  I am so bummed out, for one I have had to drop a lot of races this year that I paid for, and I was really hoping to be a 3 time halfer.  But the last few months I have just been dreading these races, and it made me realize that I honestly have zero desire to run 13.1 miles any time soon.  I want to focus on other things, and the looming dread of training runs, back pain, hip flexor issues and ankle pain have just zapped the love of this right outta me right now.

So…there’s that.

But wait there is good news!

You didn’t really think I was just gonna leave you with that downer of a post did you?  Naaaa…

Run This Dad and I have been drilling down into what we really want to achieve, and what our goals and vision is for our lives and our family.  We are both so excited for what the next year has in store for us, and have committed to hold each other accountable to live up to the goals that we set, and to make our dreams happen.



What was the last hard decision you made?  Did it help you in getting on track to meet your goals?

5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday


So this has been a week.  RIght now I am sitting in the waiting room at Gillette Children’s in St. Paul anxiously awaiting an update, and the return of my child.  Is it over yet?!

Here’s your five…

  1. I needed some serious motivation this week.  I’ve been having a little ankle pain since running the #TheGloRun…seriously no more night races for me.  They only end in injury.  I got out and ran, but it was a rough run.  I am running the Women Run The Cities 10 miler this weekend…and I am a bit nervous for how my ankle will do…IMG_3349
  2. I’ve been doing the #21dayfix this week and am down about 2 pounds so far!  Woot!
  3. Grey’s Anatomy yesterday…anyone watch?  Been waiting many long months for this!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
  4. I set up my workspace last weekend…I am not working from there at the moment…still working on getting the last few things organized.  But I love this desk! 10404135_649091118523265_1237549874096343888_n
  5. I have been seeing this quote blowing up my newsfeed this week.  So I think that the universe is trying to tell me something… 10687069_10152398879831864_2394695842642255184_n


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