10 thoughts on “30 Day Clean Eating challenge: Day 2 Shopping list & meal plans”

  1. Hi! Just stumbled on your blog via googling clean eating diet plan :) Looks like a great plan – are you using any books or sites for your inspiration? I’m trying to gather more info for myself. Thanks!

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I have another post entitled “Resources” that lists a few sites, the book I got and also a link to Clean Eating Magazine. I am also reading another book called Fit For Life by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond. It’s not “clean eating” per se, but has some great points that parallel clean eating. I will be doing a review on that when I am done. Thanks again for stopping by, I hope that these posts can help you on your journey!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      I continue to work towards a full time clean eating lifestyle, but pregnancy cravings make that challenging sometimes!

      1. Could you please give me some ideas? I’m only on my 5th week of clean eating and i still want to lose 22 more lbs! :)

      2. I highly suggest checking out my Post “Share The Wealth”, it has not only shopping lists and meal plans, but a very large list of healthy recipes that are either fully clean, or minimally processed. Hope that helps!

    1. Well, it depends on how large of a family I guess. The shopping list in this post is for me, and my Hubby. So for a family of 4, 6 etc…multiply the ingredients on the shopping list accordingly. That is what I would do anyway. For a larger family I would seek out co-ops, and crop shares for nearly all of my produce, check for local farmers markets, or even find a community garden and get a plot or add some crops to your own backyard. Make that produce last as long as possible by freezing, or canning what you can. Contact a local farmer and buy direct for things like chicken and beef…get a few other families to go in with you and buy a whole cow let’s say. Most local farmers have deals with local Butcher Shops for things like that. It ends up being MUCH cheaper than shopping at a local grocer for meat by the package.

      Hope that helps!

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