30 Day Clean Eating challenge: Day 2 Shopping list & meal plans

Today is day 2 of the clean eating challenge.  And I already have a confession…I did not finish my day eating clean.  I will not say what exactly I had…but suffice it to say I was not good and I felt like crap.  But, I am still learning and I am not failing.

So, the shopping list

It’s broken out by department, and you will notice that the Fruits and Veggies section is by far the largest; and that is because that food is in its most natural state.  When in doubt go organic.  Also I have included a few shopping tips on the list.  But of course, there are always more to add!

*Frozen fruits and veggies are acceptable but make sure you read the label!  Check for added sugar.  If it lists anything that sounds like sugar (High fructose corn syrup, Cane juice, etc…) pass on it and go with fresh.

*I touched on farmers markets, but as we are getting into summer…these are going to be the best paces to get organic produce, and clean food.  Often the vendors sell produce in bulk for less than what the box stores cost.  The Minneapolis farmers market is one of the best.  I am looking forward to heading over there in the next few weeks.

*Menu planning is helpful prior to creating your shopping list, however I love to create new meal ideas on the fly, so I often get lots of things and decide later what to make.  But since I am new to this I will need to creat a meal plan for a few weeks before I will feel comfortable cooking on the fly.

Now for the meal plan…This one I am just winging because a lot of the online resources list new recipes, although they all sound amazing I need to find about 30 that I have the time and resources to make on my limited budget.  I am only listing 5 days here, this is a great base plan, and you can mix and match the different meals to create new daily plans.

Day one:

Meal one: Green Tea w/ 1 tbs honey, Raw Oats oatmeal (they have tons of flavors!  I have Plum & cinnamon, spiced chai, pomegranate, and the original and add fruit and spices)

Meal two: Hard boiled egg white and a banana

Meal three: Baked turkey burger on lettuce with salsa, and cottage cheese with tomatoes (spice with pepper)

Meal four: Almonds and an apple

Meal five: Steamed chicken breast and roasted veggies

Meal six: Detox tea w/ 1 tbs honey (I prefer the Republic of Tea’s Get clean, but any detox tea will do)

Day 2:

Meal one: Green tea w/ 1 tbs. honey, egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes, red onion, and zucchini.

Meal two: Orange and almonds

Meal three: Baked Tilapia with side salad (lettuce, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots…etc.) You can make an easy vinaigrette using 2 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs vinegar, salt, pepper, and any other herb to taste.  Or eat it without; which is my preference.

Meal four: hard-boiled egg (whole egg) and 1 cup mixed berries

Meal five: Roasted veggies & quinoa, with tuna (burger or from the pouch)

Meal six: Detox tea w/ 1 tbs honey

Day 3:

Meal one: Green Tea w/ 1tbs of honey and scrambled egg whites on a whole wheat tortilla with salsa. 

Meal two: Banana and greek yogurt

Meal three: Roasted veggies and steamed chicken breast

Meal four: Cottage cheese and tomatoes with lemon pepper

Meal five: Turkey burger and Black bean Quinoa

Meal six: Detox tea w/ 1 tbs honey

Day 4:

Meal one: Green Tea w/ 1 tbs honey, Raw oatmeal (original ) with 1 cup mixed berries, and 1 cup greek yogurt.  Feel free to not cook the oats and make an oatmeal, berry and yogurt mess in a bowl.  This is one of my favs!

Meal two: 2 hard-boiled egg whites, and an apple

Meal three: Black bean and tomato quinoa, and tuna (burger or from pouch)

Meal four: 2 almond butter protein balls and a banana (The almond butter protein balls here may not be “clean” clean, but are pretty close.  I do plan on re-vamping that recipe to a cleaner version.

Meal five:  Broiled salmon, brown rice with side salad and 1 cup mixed berries

Meal six: Detox tea w/ 1 tbs honey

Day 5:

Meal one: Green Tea w/ 1 tbs honey, 2 hard-boiled egg whites, 1 cup greek yogurt and 1 cup berries w/ a banana

Meal two: Orange and almonds

Meal three: Baked Tilapia and roasted veggies

Meal four: Scrambled egg whites on a whole wheat tortilla with salsa

Meal five: Baked turkey burger, brown rice and roasted veggies

Meal six: Detox tea w/ 1 tbs honey

Remember to drink at least 2 liters (1 gallon) of water throughout the day. that sounds like a lot, but your body needs water, and especially if you are trying this plan to lose weight, it will help you feel more full if you are consuming an 8-10 oz glass of water with every meal.

So there you have 5 days of meals, but I do want to say…I have planned these with my dietary needs in mind…and that is around a 1200 calorie a day meal plan.  This beginner plan is designed to get myself in the habit of eating more often throughout the day.  And I do have to disclose that I am not a dietitian or nutritionist…this plan is my own.  If your doctor has recommended a clean eating plan…please follow their recommendations.

Also, if you are currently eating clean an have suggestions…please, please share!

10 thoughts on “30 Day Clean Eating challenge: Day 2 Shopping list & meal plans”

  1. Hi! Just stumbled on your blog via googling clean eating diet plan :) Looks like a great plan – are you using any books or sites for your inspiration? I’m trying to gather more info for myself. Thanks!

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I have another post entitled “Resources” that lists a few sites, the book I got and also a link to Clean Eating Magazine. I am also reading another book called Fit For Life by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond. It’s not “clean eating” per se, but has some great points that parallel clean eating. I will be doing a review on that when I am done. Thanks again for stopping by, I hope that these posts can help you on your journey!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      I continue to work towards a full time clean eating lifestyle, but pregnancy cravings make that challenging sometimes!

      1. Could you please give me some ideas? I’m only on my 5th week of clean eating and i still want to lose 22 more lbs! :)

      2. I highly suggest checking out my Post “Share The Wealth”, it has not only shopping lists and meal plans, but a very large list of healthy recipes that are either fully clean, or minimally processed. Hope that helps!

    1. Well, it depends on how large of a family I guess. The shopping list in this post is for me, and my Hubby. So for a family of 4, 6 etc…multiply the ingredients on the shopping list accordingly. That is what I would do anyway. For a larger family I would seek out co-ops, and crop shares for nearly all of my produce, check for local farmers markets, or even find a community garden and get a plot or add some crops to your own backyard. Make that produce last as long as possible by freezing, or canning what you can. Contact a local farmer and buy direct for things like chicken and beef…get a few other families to go in with you and buy a whole cow let’s say. Most local farmers have deals with local Butcher Shops for things like that. It ends up being MUCH cheaper than shopping at a local grocer for meat by the package.

      Hope that helps!

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