30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Day 10: Clean Eating vs Paleo

There are so many fad diets out there.  It gets kind of hard to navigate them all.  Especially when some of the contradict one another.  But 2 of the newest lifestyle diets; and I say lifestyle because these 2 are ones that you could actually make a lifestyle out of, and not just to lose that 10 pounds only to revert back to your old habits, are the Clean Eating diet and the Paleo diet.

So I thought I’d do a little investigating and find out what the differences between them are.  They sound like might be so similar.  But they do have very different characteristics.

What is Clean Eating:

  • Eating food in it’s most natural, unprocessed state.
  • Nothing white (flour, sugar, rice, etc, like this post).
  • Avoid all things processed and refined or treated with preservatives or pesticides.
  • Lean protein and healthy fats (like those from fish)
  • Oodles of organic fruits and vegetables, as in all-you-can-eat.
  • Shopping for organic and grass-fed products.
  • No preservatives, no fast food, no alcohol (gasp!)
  • No or limited dairy (depending on who you ask)

What is Paleo Eating:

  • Paleo is also called “caveman” or “primal” eating.
  • Lots of organic and grass-fed lean meats
  • Lots of organic veggies and fruits.
  • Lots of nuts and healthy fats.
  • Consuming food in it’s most natural state.
  • No sugar, no beans, no grains.
  • No dairy.


The one major difference between CE and Paleo is the grains.  In CE you can in fact have grains, as long as they are whole grains, and even better find grains that use sprouted grains and seeds.  In the Paleo diet the entire premise of this plan is to eat only what would have been available to you if you lived 10,000 years ago.  Obviously milk, cheese and bread do not fit the bill.  But, just because some of these foods are not on your “ok-to-eat” list does not mean that you cannot cook them.  Creat new dishes using only the foods that fit the above qualities and you can eat like crazy and be healthy.

The one common factor that I have found on my research is that any CE veteran will tell you to define what eating clean means to you.  To me, the very basic principle needs to be: avoid all things processed…not by my two hands.  That means, no fast-food, no fake-food (chips, soda or other junk) and no, gulp…alcohol.  Sad.

But if it means good health, and weight-loss…I guess I can sacrifice for a while.

Do you live by a Paleo or Clean-Eating diet?  Why did you choose that one?

2 thoughts on “30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Day 10: Clean Eating vs Paleo”

  1. For the past three months I have been eating pretty clean. I started out slowly, trying to include more fiber, fruits and veggies, and limiting processed foods. Now I hardly eat anything processed; make my own salad dressing, and eat only natural sources of sugar like honey and maple syrup. I can’t believe the difference in how I feel!!! Sugar is the big one for me. My head is clear, I have tons of energy and enjoy an overall feeling of wellbeing :)

    1. Awesome!! I have heard from a lot of people that once they get off the sugar there is a huge change in their energy level…interesting that quiting sugar gives you MORE energy. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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