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Ionix Supreme SUPER CHARGED!

So yesterday I got my bottle of the new super charged Ionix Supreme from Isagenix…


And it is so amazing!! I love the new flavor, and it kept me going all day yesterday during my super long day at work.

I am going to have to order another bottle next week!!

To find out more about Isagenix email me or head over to my website.

The color run recap!

Ahh…The Color Run.  The most insane 3.1 miles of my short little running career.

It was quite fun, and very messy…

There was some fun swag…LOVE that they gave us tattoos!


Before…all nice and white…


After…a colorful mess.  I had green armpits for 4 days after!



So the run…

It wasn’t really a run.  Not even a little bit.  There were so many people that it was impossible to run.  Unless you were in the first wave, right at the start line.  But actually I was kind of thankful for that.  It was HOT…and since I had just come back from vacation…it was a blessing not to have to run.

There was seriously a sea of people running both in front of and behind us.  All in white, or some variation of it.  Lots of fun costumes, and serious color.  It was hard to breath in the color stations, so you kind of had to hold your breath and get the color quick and then run!  There were people rolling on the ground to get more color!  Especially at the blue station…it was fun!

I cannot wait to do it again next year!!

The crack-down

Ok…confession time

I have not been following my clean eating challenge very well.  Some days, not at all. :(  Sorry kids.  I am a stress eater and these last two weeks have been very stressful.  But I think I am back in the game.

Last night I was reading through that new Tosca Reno book that I got.

And found a very strict plan to follow for the next two weeks.

No dairy, no sugar…lots of fish and chicken and turkey.

I will however been sneaking the yogurt otherwise I will go insane.  Plus it will keep me from eating a bunch of ice cream!

After making the shopping list I see that it’s a lot of green!  But that’s just fine by me.  Green is good for you!

I will try to get the plan up here this afternoon so that you can all see how crazy I am.  And now I am off to the grocery store!

3 weeks and counting…

Until our vacation!

And it could not come soon enough.  Last week was such a mess!  Too busy, not enough me time, running around like a chicken with my head cut off…ugh.  Yuck.

I hardly had time to work out let alone eat properly.  There is still so much to do, but at least we got the last parts of our trip planned.  We decided on an extra day in Vegas because, well this trip is an anniversary trip after all!

The plan:

Fly to Salt Lake City, UT and spend 2 days with TAJ’s Mom and 2 youngest siblings.

Rent a car in SLC and drive to Vegas (drop off car)!  Spend the next almost 3 days in Vegas poolside, in the casino, on the strip, at a show, and drinking our faces off.  Happy Anniversary!! 

Rent another car in Vegas and drive to California (California here we come, right back where we started from…yeah Imma a nerd you know this!)…LA to be more specific where we will spend 2 days visiting TAJ’s Dad, step-Mom, uncles…and perhaps some of my family and friends.  Have a beach day, and depending on the weather: The Price is Right, Jay Leno, and the Griffin Observatory.

We may need a vacation to recover from this awesome vacation!

We are most excited about the Vegas leg of the trip, obviously.  The first night we are staying downtown and plan on hitting some great bars and perhaps dancing, but I loathe dancing at a club.  I’d rather watch the UFC fight that night, but tickets are outrageous!!  So we will club it.

I got 2 pretty hot dresses for the Vegas part…I cannot wait to wear them!  One I have to die a different color since it’s white.  Aaaaand I don’t really want to wear a white dress in Vegas on an Anniversary trip.  It screams of tacky…and well…like I’m expecting something.  They are both short, form-fitting and beautiful on me!  When I tried the first one on for The Amazing Jeff, his jaw dropped.  Success!  Same with the second one.  It is so nice to finally see that all my hard work to get ready for this trip is finally paying off!!

I still have about 10 pounds to go to get where I wanted to be for this trip; and I am fairly confident that I won’t get there.  But that is totally ok.  I have made huge changes in my body, so I am not going to get too down if I miss my mark.

Is it just me or is vacation planning super stressful?

Then Fly home

Virtual Bake Sale!

I know that this sort of goes against my “Clean Eating” challenge, but…it’s for a good cause!

I am holding a virtual fundraiser for my Team in Training fundraising!  Below are the menu and item descriptions along with some photos.  Disclaimer: Not all photos are mine, most are taken from the recipes themselves, items may not look exactly like the ones in the photo, but I’ll do my best!

To be clear, I am not making any money on these items, this is for fundraising purposes.  If you have any questions, leave a comment!