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How to build a better booty

How to build a better booty


How to build a better booty you say?  With SQUATS.  And lots of em.  NOTE: the above photos are not of my booty….a baby and breast feeding deflated my booty so I am rebuilding it using the below tips and tricks!!

There are many different variations of squats that will help lift, round and shape your booty.  Looking for a booty challenge?  Check out these booty challenges

But squats are not the only way to build that booty.  A few other moves to add to your daily exercise routine are:

  • Step ups
  • lunges
  • stairs
  • Shoulder bridges, or one leg bridges
  • Fire hydrants
  • Donkey kicks, or standing donkey kicks (use a resistance band for more bang for your booty)
  • The Clam (think Thighmaster without the contraption…squeeze your buttocks…really squeeze it…LOL)
  • Deadlifts, Roman Deadlifts

Having a strong rear is not only more attractive…think about your favorite jeans and how awesome they will look with a fuller bottom, it will help your body run (walk, jump, skip or prance) more effectively.  Our glutes are in charge of a lot of motion for our bodies, and anything we can do to help our bodies be more efficient is always worthwhile.

Wildcard Wednesday – Challenge roundup!

With Bikini Season just around the corner it’s time to make sure you are ready for the beach!  And I’ve got you covered here at Run This Mom!  Well actually I want to make sure that you don’t have to be covered this year at the beach!

So here are some of my favorite challenges…some short, some long but there’s sure to be a perfect one for you!

abs squat header


New & Improved 30 Day Ab & Squat Challenges

11 week bikini bootcamp


11 Week Bikini Boot camp Challenge


armed and fab

Armed & Fabulous Challenge

big booty challenge


Big Booty Challenge

Diet Bet is ON!

I finally joined a dietbet, and obvi I am freaking out that it is with Olivia, and Hannah from Season 11 of The Biggest Loser.  These two ladies have been one of the biggest sources of inspiration and motivation for me over the last few years.  I’ve watched that season at least 10 times.


Monday was the weigh-in, and I was SHOCKED to see 154.8 on the scale.  I have lost 2.6 pounds in 2 days.  Only one of which I was able to work out.  I am beyond confident that I can lose 4% of my body weight in the next 28 days.  I’ve got momentum and I want to keep it going!



My progress in the last month has given me some serious motivation to keep at it and just get better.

And with nearly $15k in the pot for this one…I am so excited to do it and earn a little extra cash, and possibly some one-on-one health coaching from these two awesome ladies!  I want, I want, I want!!



So my 4% means that I need to lose 6.2 pounds in order to win.  This is going to be so much fun!



So here I go…goodbye mommy body…hello bikini body!!


Ab & Squat Challenges!

Hello there!  And welcome to my little corner of the bloggosphere!  This post has been one of my most popular and I am so glad that you dropped by to check it out!  While you’re here check out some of my other awesome challenges like the Big Booty Challenge, a set of circuits aimed and raising your rear; the plank challenge, a 10 day  core and endurance challenge or the 11 week bikini boot camp!


A gal pal of mine is hell bent on saying goodbye to 70 pounds by January, and she is taking on these two challenges to help her achieve her goals!  She was kind enough to share them with me!  She’s been kicking but with Isagenix, and I’ve seen her progress so far and I am so excited for her!

You may remember I did a Big Booty Challenge, and Plank Challenge, last fall, so these two challenges are very similar to those.

Here they are…


30 Day ab challenge

And Squat

30 day squat challenge

I am starting these two challenges today, and I will be involving The Hubby so that we keep each other accountable!  I have been itching to run…but every time I plan a run…BOOM morning sickness, so no run.

So I will take some before and after photos and measurements and post at the end of the challenge, but as far as the ab challenge…well…you can guess that I won’t be boasting a 6-pack after this challenge!  I mostly just want to A.)  Avoid stretch marks, and B.) Ensure that I can get my pre-pregnancy abs back, as I was so close to a 4 pack when I got pregnant.

Armed & Fabulous Day 9: 10 DPC, Smith Machine & Back Blaster

Oh how unpredictable mother nature can be!



I think in total we got just about 10.5 inches between Saturday night and Sunday Morning.  Ga-ross…

Needless to say it threw a huge wrench in our plans for Sunday.  But let me back up…

So Saturday I had registered to run a quick little 10 miles with this great little event called the Doughnut Day 25k, and then my class at The Fixx at 11 am.  Well, that didn’t happen because…



Crap.  I was really looking forward to that class and getting that book this week!  But such is life with my silly little brain that doesn’t remember to set any alarms!

Then with all of the snow we were not leaving to trek across the entire Metro area for class that was eventually canceled anyway.  So The Amazing Jeff and I just rolled in the living room, working on wrist grabs for the Orange Belt chart.  So eh, not the active weekend I had in mind, but hey we got stuff done.

And now for today’s workout

Day 9 of the 10 Day Plank Challenge

10 Day Plank Challenge


And I am resurrecting a familiar workout from The Big Booty Challenge today

BBC Smith machine


And a new one too!

The Back Blaster

Armed & Fab v2 Back Blaster


Enjoy!  And Happy Monday!


Armed & Fabulous Day 7: 10 Day Plank challenge…and…

Today I am tweaking the schedule and only doing the Plank Challenge because I also have a boot-camp class from The Fixx on my calendar!


The fix it

Coach Jan is for real…she will kick my butt and make me hurt!  But it’s always a “hurt-so-good” feeling the next day.  Plus she is loaning me her textbook from her CPT classes so that I can start working on one of my goals for 2013…I promise you will be in the know on those soon!

Plank Challenge:

10 Day Plank Challenge


Now I am also tweaking tomorrow’s scheduled plan and doing  the plank challenge, Sunday Funday because the guys have been hounding us to get back in the gym, and starting this new plan…

Armed & Fabulous training schedule week 2


Here’s how this one will work:

There are 2 strength circuits provided for each day next week…pick one or both.  I have planned this one out to be a 2-a-day set up.  My plan is to do the cardio right away in the morning when I get up.  Then do my plank challenge, or whatever plan is under the “other” category.  Then in the afternoon I will head over to the gym and do my strength circuits.

I will post the circuits every morning like usual.  You will notice more diversity in the circuits on this one, some of them you are familiar with since they are from my Big Booty Challenge, but there are some new ones created by me!

So enjoy the break today and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow!!

Armed & Fabulous Day 6: 10 Day Plank Challenge & GNC Toned Arms

It occurred to me today that I never took any before and after pictures for the Big Booty Challenge, nor have I taken any before pictures for this one!  Crap.  I will get on that before we get started on the sets for next week.

But for today we’ve got more planks!

10 Day Plank Challenge


Wooo.  Ok, so planking sucks.   I really don’t like it.  It’s on par with burpees in my book.  Planks and burpees make me angry.

And that takes us to…

Yup… More GNC Toned Arms.

GNC Toned Arms



One more day of this work out and then we move on to something else.  I  have to tweak the remaining week’s as the whole point of this is to not get bored.  And I can tell after one week that boredom may set in if I am only doing 2 workouts a week.  I really need more diversity than this.

And it has something to do with an upcoming post about my goals for 2013…so stay tuned for that!