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Little Runner Girl is all grown up…

I’ve been toying with “growing up” the blog name for a while now, and it’s only natural to incorporate my new title…Mom.

I’m sure you’ve seen the name Run This Mom on a few of the photos I’ve posted lately, and that is because Little Runner Girl is moving on to Run This Mom.  I was laying in bed one night, one of the many, many nights I lay awake nowadays, and trying to think about the new role I am in and how I would like to bring it to the blog and those three words popped in my head.  It seemed like a great new title, and I really like it.  I think it’s fitting of my new role as a Mom and where I’d like to take this blog over the next how ever many years I write it.

So I would like to welcome you to the all new…

Run This Mom



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Throwback Thursday


Yeah I am not throwing back all that far today…but remember that time in January 2013 when I said I was gonna get in a bikini on stage?  But then I got pregnant?  Yep me too.

This goal is not going back on the bucket list anytime soon.

I’d rather run a marathon.

Winsday Wednesday – Running On Love

One of my awesome readers, Stefany S.  contacted me about an event that she is doing to raise money and awareness for Diabetes, and since she so generously donated to my Moms In Training fundraising I am sharing her story here on the blog!

Here is an excerpt from Stefany’s fundraising page


I am “Running on Love” in MAY OF 2014! In this run I will be running in honor of my Grandfather. I will be bringing awareness & support to my chosen charity for Diabetes & supporting the Running on Love mission to demonstrate love by actively supporting noble causes.


Diabetes is a cause that is dear to me, having both my Grandmother, and Mother diagnosed in my lifetime.  So I am very glad that she reached out to me and I am more than happy to share her fundraising page with all of you!  As in any fundraising journey, every dollar matters!  So be sure to head over and check out her page and help another runner-sister out and consider donating!


Motivation Monday – I hate to work out

I do.

It’s true.  I hate being tired and out of breath.  I hate being all sweat covered and stinky.  Sometimes the process of getting to the gym, even before The Babe, is long and often arduous journey here in MinneSNOWta.  So yes, I hate to work out.

I’d be lying if I said that I enjoyed it…but I would also be lying if I said that I was content to be jiggly forever.  So it comes down to which I hate more…

Being jiggly and lazy or being tired and covered in sweat.

If I had to choose a way to spend the day…I guess I’d rather be tired and covered in sweat.  At least I’d know that I accomplished something…right?  It’s been so long since I’ve had that “I can do anything…” feeling of power and pride after a workout that I have forgotten what it feels like.  I have been feeling a little gymtimidated…so that may have something to do with it.  That and the ridiculous winter we’ve had.  Last week 70s, this week snow?

But that is the great thing about the outside…


I have been doing a Motivation Monday for a while now, and I do it to help me set a good mood for the week.  When I worked, I worked at a job I hated, with people that were not nice.  This blog helped me stay positive, and now that I am a SAHM&W I use this blog as an outlet so much more.

I am looking forward to getting excited to work out again.  And now that MIT is underway, it will be a huge motivator for me to do the “homework” on our training schedules.  There are so many new Moms in our group, and first time runners, that there are lots of accountibilibuddies.  Also, part of my new role in the community, something I hope to be able to announce soon, is to encourage moms to get out and workout together in groups.  This time around I will be surrounded by women that are just doing this for the first time, and I will be able to share what worked for me, and what didn’t.

motivation state of mind

Getting motivated looks different for different people.  Some of us are motivated by the ever increasing size of our rears, some of us by the PR, others for the bling.  I can’t motivate you, but I can share what motivates me and perhaps it will inspire you.  Whatever your motivation is for getting out there on the roads, trails, or treadmills you found it and you’ve used it to do awesome things.

I think that it takes a special type of person to be a runner.  It’s not for everyone, and I think that is because it’s seen by spectators in races as a painful experience.  But it’s not.  It’s a bit surreal at times, it’s a battle of wills, and yes sometimes it’s painful.  But only in the body.  If you can get your mind to let go of what it’s putting the body through, it’s the most incredible experience.  Yes, I am talking about the “Runner’s High”.  If everyone ran, and everyone experienced the feeling of pride in themselves, and that sense of accomplishment at the end of a long run, that big race or even that jog around the block…well I think that the world would be a much happier place.

So what is my motivation for running?  The high?  The PR?  The Bling?


I run because I can.

Wordless weekend




Changing gears

This blog has been around for 3 years now, and in thinking about why I started it, and what it was meant to be about…

“…I started this blog during my training for my first half marathon with Team in Training.  I wanted to write about my experience training, and learning about this thing called running… “

>Minneapolis half Marathon Race report!

I have realized that I have taken this blog in an entirely different direction.  I started this blog to document my adventures in running, and then it turned into me getting fit…then being a Momma and domestic diva sharing my how-to for making your own laundry soap

And while that is all well and good…it’s not why I started this blog.  I started this to write about running, and learn more about it.  And I have not been doing that really at all for much of the last 2 years.  This blog has turned into food, and challenges, and babies.

But I also know that there has been a huge surge in followers to my blog over the last year due to the domestic divaship and baby updates.  So I don’t want to lose you!  I am thinking about where to take this blog over the next 3 years, and I really want to make it more about running, and less about the homemade soap and DIY projects.  Although I will continue to share those if I do them, and lord knows there is very little time these days with a busy baby on my hands, obviously food is a necessity and I will continue to share recipes and such.  I really don’t want this blog to be only known for a few popular challenges that people look at once and then don’t hang around for the rest of it.

So please bear with me over the next few weeks as I get back to the reasons why I started this blog, and focus on running.  It is totally possible that this change will not be extremely noticeable and the format will stay the same…but I just like to let all of my awesome readers and fans know what’s around the bend!  Thanks for sticking with me over these last 3 years!

>Motivation Monday

Winsday Wednesday – MIT training schedule

On Saturday our inaugural season of Moms in Training kicked off, and it is such an awesome thing to see that after 6 months of planning, tons of emails, and monthly meetings that we are ready to go!


Our first training is this Saturday and I cannot wait!  It is so nice to have a training schedule laid out for me again!  I have made schedules in the past few months, but with no specific goal to work towards…they were never really implemented.


Having this plan already put in place makes this so much easier.  And that is the wonderful thing about Team in Training and Moms in Training.  As participants we don’t need to do any of the planning for our workouts…other than if we want to carpool…and where we are going for breakfast afterwards!

I am mentoring this season, and it’s a lot of work, but work that I am so glad to do!  I have had tons of fundraising ideas rolling around in my head for months now!  It’s time to get to work on them!

If, my dear readers and loyal fans, you feel at all inclined to help me in my fight to end cancer please consider donating to my fundraising.  Every dollar matters, and makes a big difference to someone fighting cancer.  Just click the link below to donate!

Want to learn more about Moms in Training?  Watch this video!  Warning…you may want to grab a box of tissues…

Motivation Monday – How to build endurance in 5 easy steps

Building up  endurance can be one of those things that is easy if done right.  So today I am talking about how to build up your endurance for long runs, your regular cardio, or to help you get (back) in shape.

I feel like, having completed a few endurance events, I can have good endurance, but not great…and now it’s pretty much non-existent.  So that is one of the things that I’d like to work on with MIT now that the season has officially kicked off!

So here are 5 tips for building your endurance

  1. Do more than you did the last time.  Push yourself to do one more rep, run 1 more minute, add 1 more pound…even if it’s only a little…just push yourself to do more.
  2. Boost your heart rate.  Exercises that encourage your heart to get pumping, increases your stamina, thus increasing your endurance.
  3. Change up your terrain.  Running or walking on different levels of ground help strengthen your legs…hill repeats anyone?
  4. Cut out the crap.  Say so long to those sugary drinks, sodas, and dangerous energy drinks.  Carbonated drinks decrease your ability to get to maximum breathing and make you feel bloated and sluggish.  Also, fueling your body with clean healthy foods will ensure that your body is running at peak performance.
  5. Stretch!  be kind to your body after a workout.  Stretching prevents injury, and helps them to repair faster.  Recovery is so crucial to building endurance, and keeping you injury free.

how to build endurance

New & Improved 30 Day Ab & Squat Challenges – Day 30

OH MY GOSH…you made it!

It’s the last day, and you rocked it!

When you finish make sure to reward yourself with a spa day, or some new jeans…good ones too!

30 Day Abs w5d2 30 Day Squats w5d2

Wordless Weekend