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Throwback Thursday



Remember the time I decided to do a bikini competition?  And then I found out I was pregnant!?  Haha.  I don’t think this will ever be on the bucket list again, but notice how I didn’t say never?

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Progress report: Goals and rewards check in

Goals and rewards 2

So last week I earned my 20 lb reward (again…I gained and now lost again).  I am so excited to be halfway there!  It’s only taken 9 months, but at least it’s coming off and not going on!  I am switching around some of my awards…because I made my bib and medal racks/displays a while ago.  And I got my massage and mani/pedi for Mother’s Day.  And I traded my Fitbit for a Garmin 220…and I got 2 new pairs of shoes.  Plus with the added bonus of losing some of this weight…all of those cute workout clothes from pre-pregnancy are like new!  I was really excited to pull them out of storage a few weeks ago!

goals and rewards rewards


So I need some new rewards!  I decided that my 20 pound reward was to be personal training!  I adding personal training to my gym membership this week as a way to keep me motivated, and give me some new stuff to work on!  So once a month I will be meeting with a trainer!  Woot!

And this time I am posting progress pictures!

7.18.14 check in

Please excuse my dirty mirror!  I love that I can actually see the progress now.  For months now I’ve still been seeing this same chubby Mama, and felt like It just was not changing.  But now I can see the changes.

I had sort of forgotten how skinny I was until I saw this photo while looking through some old pictures for a project.

vegas, baby 015

This was during our honeymoon, and I was about 15 weeks pregnant here…but I was so small!  Crazy…

The next milestone is 30 pounds…and I am already 1 pound closer!  So 9 more pounds to go until I get a… ‘nother massage!  I really need it with all of the hell the trainer has put me through over the last 3 weeks… and by hell I mean awesomeness.

Do you give yourself rewards for accomplishing something?  Do you have to have a race or an event to keep training for?



#FFPushup Challenge

This month I have been doing the #FFPushup challenge…that is 31 push-ups a day in July.


It’s not too late to join us…the challenge is through Fitfluential and they’ve got a pretty sweet prize for for two lucky winners!  Head on over to their blog to check out more details about the challenge!

I’ve been doing the 31 push-ups per day, on the Bosu Ball  and amazingly now in week 2…they are getting easier!  The challenge is a minimum of 31 per day and I am hoping that by then end of the month I can double that!  Bosu push-ups are my fav.  I pretty much never do regular push-ups…but next week I am planning on changing up my push-ups and do some decline push-ups!

What is your favorite way to do a push-up?

5 Things Friday


Yay it’s Friday!  And our first one back in MN in a while!

Today is Independence day, so we have some family coming over, and we are headed off to a BBQ!  I know today is going to be a great day!

Here are the 5…

  1. I am so excited to be back at Anytime Fitness.  I rejoined this week because I know that having a gym, and a routine are vital to my goals.  I have been going everyday this week, sometimes twice per day if it works out.  They have so much new stuff and so many new trainers!  It’s awesome!
  2. I finally finished my motivation wall, well the last bit anyway.  10526114_762152237191953_8289888086350048178_n It has my goals for the next 60 days, my training plan and a little challenge I am currently doing, the #ffpushup challenge is going on this month and I am doing 31 push-ups everyday in July.  I do love me some Bosu push-ups!
  3. I unpacked all of my workout clothes, and made myself a closet just for workout clothes…and found out I might have a problem.  Not sayin I do, but ya know it’s a possibility…10402953_762466180493892_1449215440283944686_n
  4. Banana song.  Omg the banana song.  #babylove loves that song.  It makes her face light up when she hears it.  And I love that so I will listen to it.  On repeat.  For an hour.
  5. Meal prep.  It’s going to be a key to my success.  Thank god for slow cookers.

Workout Wednesday – I’m baaaaaaack!

Smith Machine!

So happy to be back at my favorite Little Gym, Anytime Fitness.  I have missed this place so much.  I made so much progress here, and learned so much about myself in this gym.  I cannot think of a better place to get my body back than here.



A while back I had shared how to get over Gymtimidation, but the truth is I just couldn’t get over the size of the Big Gym.  And the sheer volume of people, the numbers and their actual volume.  I always felt completely overwhelmed by how many people were there, and constant activity.  But at my awesome Little Gym I can get in, get it done and go, without being super distracted by everyone around me.

And the bonus…I am running the Warrior Dash here in MN with my Anytime peeps in TWO WEEKS…eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!

What is your gym like?  Do you love your Big Gym, or is a Little Gym the best for you?

(Half) Marathon Monday – The importance of Cross Training



Today in the series we are talking cross training.  Because it is very important to vary your workouts when training for an endurance event.


Because if you were only ever to run, you would be putting stress on the same muscles every time.  You would be overworking them, and not using other muscles.  Overtraining bad, cross training good.

For the same reason that you vary your runs, hill repeats, speed training, and race pace runs; you should add in at least 2 x-training sessions per week as well.  Effective x-training sessions include swimming, cycling or spin, elliptical, stair climber, or yoga.  All of these activities are low impact, and can provide optimal recovery time for your joints.

In my training plan Tuesdays and Thursdays are my x-training days.  I will do some light cardio on the elliptical and then some circuit or tabata training; or hit up a yoga class.  I think that for me, yoga is essential in my training for the half.  Having a baby put my body aaalll kinds of outta wack, and yoga is helping me to get my flexibility back and helping to ensure that my joints and muscles are getting good recovery time.

Do you build in x-training into your weekly workouts?

5 Things Friday – Florida Edition 4.0 The Conclusion


At last the month in Florida has come to a close. It’s been amazing, and a lot of fun and some hard work.

I am really excited to be going home, and to see my Hubs, and sleep in my bed. And also to be getting back on track with my training schedule! I am quite behind now. Although I was able to work out with Wonder Woman a lot, I am behind on my miles. I am also really excited to be going back to Anytime Fitness. I decided that I do need a gym, and this will make “me time” better. Wonder Woman and I were doing 2-a-days during the week, or double dipping as a I like to call it. And I really like that routine. Getting 3 hours of exercise in a day feels amazing and I am ready to continue that when I get home.

Ok so lets get to the 5!

  1. Cross country road tripping is not as awesome as I remember. Perhaps it’s because I have a baby this time? I’ll go with yes.
  2. I lost weight on vacation. YEAH! about 5 pounds, maybe more. Thank you Wonder Woman, Isagenix, Quest Bars and Walden Farms…omg.
  3. I like Florida living. A lot.
  4. Apparently the posted speed limits in the south are just a suggestion…I am sure that most everyone was doing a cool 20 mph over the posted 70 mph limit Wednesday night. oy.
  5. I need a hair cut. I honestly have not had one since December when I cut it all off. Now it’s just out of control.

Seriously the sunrise yesterday morning in Tennessee…


(Half) Marathon Monday – you like to Fart?

Fartlek, that is.


Also known as speed work. Or sprints if you are on a track.

And yes. I really enjoy Fartleks. It gives me a chance to improve my pace, as well as get a kick-ass workout. While I do prefer to run outside, I generally like to do my speed work on a treadmill, so as to control my pace, and have some clue as to how fast I am going.

Outdoor speed work is easy and fun. If you are on a track, just sprint about 10 yards as fast as you can, then walk back to the starting point and repeat. If you are out on a regular run, simply pick a landmark, tree, house, mailbox or what have you, and run to that point faster than your current speed. Repeat this throughout your run.

It’s important to do speed work when training for an event to help decrease your per mile pace, but not a necessary part of training if increasing your speed is not a goal for you. It also helps to strengthen your leg muscles, and your core. Not to mention the HIIT is a great way to whittle your middle as well.

Try working in some Fartleks on your next training run!

5 Things Friday – Florida Edition 2.0

5 things Friday

#baby love and I decided to hang out here in FL this week, and it’s been really nice. More family time, more beach time…and we got to help my SIL Camilla, AKA Wonder Woman, pack up and move out of her house before she heads to Taiwan later this month for a couple weeks. I will call her Wonder Woman from now on because she is super motivating to be to stay on track, and she can leg press a ton. Literally a ton. A few days ago she asked if we could stay another week…we said YESSSS…so one more week in Florida…seriously a 3 week vacation in FL…um…duh?!


Wonder Woman and I have been keeping each other motivated, and eating right. On Wednesday night we headed to the gym to work off our cheat meals from earlier that day, Mine was a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut waffle and a large iced Mocha…ugh. And it was amazing. I was dripping on the treadmill (Splits 11:30, 12:30…NICE), and then did a quick circuit work out of Bosu pushup, Russian twits, and step ups with a bicep curl. And then Leg lifts in the captains’s chair, pulsing jump squats, and curtsey lunges. Yes, my legs hurt.

So my 5 this week are mostly health/fitness related revelations…

  1. I have to count my calories again. I can’t just eat mindlessly during the day anymore. So I am heading back to My Fitness Pal to track my progress. I will have to be really careful not to get too wrapped up in were every single calorie goes. The last time I was really getting too strict and it just was not healthy for me. I am going to focus on making sure that I track my meals for now, and focus on eating 5-6 times per day to get that metabolism revved up!
  2. I’ve gotten in 2 runs so far on this vacation. Therefore I am lame. I didn’t bring my training schedule with me, so I can’t remember what I am supposed to be doing! But I do know that I should be running!
  3. It is possible to stay healthy on vacation. I can make better choices when I am stuck going through the drive through. The Hubs has this thing for McDs…and I can’t stand it. But I can have the oatmeal, and a yogurt parfait for breakfast.
  4. #babylove is scared of the ocean.
  5. I miss my Hubs. A lot. It’s been a lonely week without him.  20140607-090048-32448317.jpg

Workout Wednesday – Exercising while traveling







Ah vacation!!  We are in the midst of our Florida vacation, our first as a family of 3.  We decided that this would be an ideal time to jump start focusing on living a healthier life together.  Plus my Sister-in-Law has also been focusing on her fitness journey so the three of us are kicking butt this week!  In addition to my half marathon training this week we are doing this Hit The Deck workout throughout the week while we are traveling.

I love this workout because you can change it up daily by switching out what moves you assign to each suit.

hit the deck

How it works:

Assign a different move to each suit.  Face cards are equal to 10, Aces are equal to 11.  Then draw the card and do the move!  And here are some ideas for those 4 moves…

  • Burpees
  • Thrusters (Use the hotel chairs, but watch the ceiling!)
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Seated Cross-body Punches (Sit on floor, legs up and punch across your body twisting and engaging your obliques.  Grab 2 full water bottles for weights!)
  • Step ups (Use those hotel room chairs for this one)
  • High knees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Bridges
  • Glute Kickbacks
  • Keep the Jokers and assign them a “Wildcard” move, and make them equal to 15, 20, 25…you get the picture!

This is also a great buddy workout, and can be done at home too!  Or at the gym…the key to loving working out is to keep it interesting and to change it up!  You will see more and better results if you keep your body guessing.

Do you have a go-to travel workout routine?  How do you keep your workouts on track while on the road?