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3 Lactation Recipes That Don’t Suck…so your baby can

lactation recipes that don't suck

When Babylove was first born we really struggled with the breastfeeding thing.  Mostly because I felt like I was not making enough milk.  So I set out to find some lactation cookies that could help me.  And now, nearly 11 months later, we are still going strong!  I can’t believe that we’ve made it nearly a year.

The first batch was sort of a flop.  They tasted awful, and lasted forever because I just didn’t want to eat them.  But then I altered the recipe a bit and the next batch was great!  But you are a new mom and ain’t no booby got time fo dat!

So here are my 3 favorite lactation recipes that I have made, and loved!

Butterscotch Lactation cookies

Lactation Smoothie

White Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies


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Jeff Galloway Meet & Greet



Last Thursday I was invited to a clinic at a local running store, Run N Fun (love them!) with running coach rockstar, and Olympian Jeff Galloway!  If you’ve never heard of Jeff Galloway…and if you run then you should definitely know who he is, he is responsible for developing the Run Walk Run method for training and completing races.  It’s a great method by the way.

He gave a great talk about his coaching, and did a Q&A.

I had no idea that he was such a research based coach.  He has written many books, and does so much research and looks at lots of studies in order to write and give the most up-to-date and accurate info about training.

Some of the topics he covered:

  • Cognitive strategies – having a mantra, or magic words to get you through.
  • How to improve your endurance – adjusting your training schedule to achieve maximum recovery after a long run or event day
  • Running Camps – um, yeah…I wanna go to a grown up sleep away running camp!
  • Nutrition – the salt and carb loading myths.

It was so inspiring to see him and listen to his talk.  I’ve been slacking in the running department this summer, but I think I can get back on track if I employ the Galloway Method!

Have you met any Run Coach Rockstars?

5 Things Friday


What a week!!  There has been so much going on here this week!

The weather has been a bit crummy here in Minneapolis this week, and that is no fun!  Hopefully next week is better!

Ok now for the 5

  1. My child has been oh-so-crabby this week.  I know that she is teething, and it hurts…but then she went and did this…  10351904_577956075858_6178963937514071720_n
  2. My first 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge Group was introduced yesterday…and it sold out in a matter of a few hours!  So excited to get these people started, and get the next group going in another few weeks!10540905_791563487584161_2532873577501736479_n
  3. I also set a pretty big intention this week…and I am really nervous and also super duper excited about it.  I put some BHAGS out there and in less than a year from now these will all be donezo! 10481887_791085594298617_6443930309869998231_n
  4. After a week off from the Chiropractor, I got some more work done and am feeling so much better! I have been struggling with some intense low back pain, and extremely tight hip flexors for months now, and with just that little bit of work I am feeling better and cannot wait to hit the pavement again!
  5. Last night I got to meet Jeff Galloway!  I always get super inspired to be a better athlete after meeting running superstars.  It was a great night, and I will be doing a separate post about that event later on.


Throwback Thursday


It seems like forever ago that we were going to a childbirth class…and yet it seems like just a few weeks ago!  It’s hard to believe this was just over a year ago.

So busy…

The last few weeks have been just nuts around here.  I feel really bad for neglecting the blog, and that I have not been posting as much as usual.  But I have been busy, busy bees!

I’ve been studying hard

studying hard


I want this done in the next 10 weeks, so I am pushing hard to study and read during pretty much every available opportunity of down time, time I would normally be writing.   This text is really intense and I know that I am going to learn a lot, but it’s a bit of a struggle to get through sometimes!

And Hadley has been a cranky, crabby little thing the last couple of weeks…not sleeping like normal, clingy…ugh…I hate teething!



She is on the move all. the. time.  And it was just 2 weeks ago that she started crawling, full tilt, and now she wants to walk…or practice walking along the sofa, the coffee table…or with us.  She is such a hands on little thing…and a super busy girl.

I have also been dealing with some back and hip flexor issues that have caused me to put most of my training runs on hold, but we have gotten out to walk/run a few times these last 2 weeks.  And after a few treatments from a Chiropractor, I can see that it’s making a difference in my pace and my stride…I just need my lungs to catch up!  Come on cardio!

I have not been able to get to the gym consistently the last month, which is annoying!  I want to go work out at the end of the day, nay I NEED to go work out at the end of the day.  It’s my sanity time and I have been  skipping the gym in favor of 1) studying and 2) sleeping.  Because the Little Miss has been waking at night, most nights.  But I know that will change so I am just going with the flow.

But even though I’ve been slacking in the working out department, and sucking with the food tracking, and the scale says the same as it did before our trip to Florida…my body looks completely different.  So I know that the workouts that I am doing are paying off!  Which is a HUGE motivator for me to get back to the gym on a regular schedule and keep at it!

As the summer wraps up, have you gotten through your Summer Bucket List?

(Half) Marathon Monday – Find your happy pace



If you are training for your first half, or full with a group then you might hear them talk about their pace…a lot.  I know that I am obsessed with mine, well most of the time anyway.

Today I want to talk about finding your happy pace.  The pace that you can sustain for miles and miles.  It might be a 17 minute mile, or it could be a 7 minute mile.  But it’s the pace that you can maintain and not feel like you are going to die.  For me that’s about a 13 or 14 minute per mile pace.  And I am ok with that.  It’s not fantastic, but it’s certainly better than no pace.

I don’t have any tips for finding your happy pace other than to do some speed work.  Go hit the track.  I stumbled upon my happy pace a few summers ago, during what was supposed to be just a 5 mile run…but I decided that I was feeling good and wanted to go a few extra and so I kept on going.  I was tired, but ended up doing about 7 miles.  I wasn’t wearing a GPS watch, or one that even told me my splits, but I could tell I found it because I could breathe, and I didn’t need to stop.  I knew my legs were getting tired, but I told myself “just keep going; you don’t need to stop.”  I was very impressed with myself at the end.  The next saturday I did  close to 10 miles because I got lost in the rain and couldn’t find the route that the coach had given us…but that run was one of the best as far as time and how I felt after.

I also know my happy pace by my heart rate…and that is 165-170.  That is my sweet spot.  I get the runner’s high, feel strong and powerful.

So how can you find your happy pace?

  • Play with your speed
  • Listen to your body
  • Keep an eye on your heart rate

5 Things Friday


Happy Friday Friends!  It is a beautiful morning here in Minnesota and it’s going to be a busy one!  There is so much to do, and I want to spend a few hours outside today!

So let’s get to the five!

  1. #babylove is officially crawling.  Woot!  high five
  2. I met with my new trainer last night.  Leg day.  Ow.
  3. I tried that crazy wrap thing a few weeks ago…and had some pretty awesome results.  Remember how I was super skeptical a few years back?  Well, after seeing actual results from one wrap…I decided that since I had been proved wrong, I joined It Works! Global and am now a distributor!  If you wanna try that crazy wrap thing too…shop hereMy results 1 wrap
  4. I have been really neglecting my training these last few weeks due to a back issue.  Thankfully I am seeing an awesome chiropractor, and seeing and feeling improvement already!  I am looking forward to hitting the trails again soon!
  5. I have picked up studying for my CPT again with a different company since my awesome gym is lending me tons of study materials!  I am looking forward to my study session tonight at Caribou!CPT or bust

I feel like so much has been going on this week that I have not been able to share with no internet.  But thankfully it’s back!