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5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

It’s November.  How the heck did that happen?!  2014 is nearly gone already!  I feel like I barely got used to 2014, and soon it will be 2015.  I have lots of big plans for 2015, and I can’t wait to start them, in fact I may roll some of them out sooner than 2015!

Tonight is date night.  Yaaaaaaaay!  It will be so nice to get away for an overnight, and SLEEP.  The little human has been a nightmare at night recently.  Last night we did kid care for my in-laws so that they could have a date night and we’ve got a HOUSEFUL of kids today!  I am trying out the stairstepper thing today…it’s amusing.



Here’s your five

  1. A toy bomb x 3 has gone off in my house.
  2. Hadley is NOT happy about this day.  There have been lots of tears and it’s only 10 am.
  3. We are doing a No TV November tv shows for 30 days.  We even canceled Netflix & Hulu so we wouldn’t be tempted.
  4. I might have to break the No TV November Challenge today.
  5. The 2 & 3 year old are getting along swimmingly!  It’s hard to be 1.
  6. BONUS THING: New hair day tomorrow!

Do you have big plans for the weekend?

Motivation Monday


Today, Monday is not going to suck.  I am going to make this Monday my b!tch and get stuff done.  I have a long task list and I am not going to be until it gets done.

I am going to run a 5k today for my virtual Halloween Hobble, knock out that task list, meet with my trainer, and spend the day with my little.  Because seriously…


Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a Corn Maze and Fall Festival.  We had so much fun, and it was awesome being able to spend some family time with #Babylove and Run This Dad.

What are you doing today?

Throwback Thursday

>Minneapolis half Marathon Race report!


Packet Pick up before my very first half marathon.  I had no clue what I was in for!

Were you nervous for your first half?  Or full, or other race distance?  I have had anxiety before shorter distances too!

5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

Oh friends…it has been such a week.  Like the loooooooooooongest week eva…


Last week Miss Hads had her surgery on her hand.  And then got a full arm cast.  Oy.  At least we know that she has a killer right hook.  Owie.  It’s not stopping her or slowing her down at. all.  Which is great.  The cast comes off on October 14th.

Is it October 14th yet?  No?  Ok then…

Here’s your 5!

  1. Run This Dad and I made some really excited plans and decision for the future of our family and I am beyond thrilled about it.  But I can’t share yet.  Sorry… :)
  2. I pulled out of my 10 miler from last weekend, and have chosen not to run my half next week.  I have not been training very well, due to injury.  So I know it’s best.  But I’m super bummed about spending the money on so many races that I never got to do because of my stupid back.
  3. Starting next Friday we will be having a new friend come to play with us 4 days a week!  It’ll be good for Miss Hadley to have a buddy around, and not just me!  I am excited to start babysitting again!
  4. I am giving away a Spartan Race Entry!  DO NOT MISS IT!  10250188_815340468539796_2625812624495111773_n
  5. I hate teething.  That is all.

5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday


So this has been a week.  RIght now I am sitting in the waiting room at Gillette Children’s in St. Paul anxiously awaiting an update, and the return of my child.  Is it over yet?!

Here’s your five…

  1. I needed some serious motivation this week.  I’ve been having a little ankle pain since running the #TheGloRun…seriously no more night races for me.  They only end in injury.  I got out and ran, but it was a rough run.  I am running the Women Run The Cities 10 miler this weekend…and I am a bit nervous for how my ankle will do…IMG_3349
  2. I’ve been doing the #21dayfix this week and am down about 2 pounds so far!  Woot!
  3. Grey’s Anatomy yesterday…anyone watch?  Been waiting many long months for this!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
  4. I set up my workspace last weekend…I am not working from there at the moment…still working on getting the last few things organized.  But I love this desk! 10404135_649091118523265_1237549874096343888_n
  5. I have been seeing this quote blowing up my newsfeed this week.  So I think that the universe is trying to tell me something… 10687069_10152398879831864_2394695842642255184_n


Doing all the things, and not failing at them

Not achieving something doesn’t mean that you failed, you fail when you don’t try. – Me


I always want to do all the things.  All of them.

I am that girl in the shoe store that tries on 20 pairs of shoes and leaves with none.  When I was in elementary school I played 3 instruments before I decided that playing music was not for me.  I have had many hobbies, photography, jewelry making, paper making, painting, drawing…when I was pregnant I wanted to be a Doula, I want to be a personal trainer, and a nutritionist…and deep down I always wanted to be a rock star.  But I cannot carry a tune in a bucket.  In fact I refuse to sing in front of anyone!  I changed majors a few times in college, held lots of different jobs, I have sold jewelry, make-up, worked in a gym, taught preschool, sold weight-loss supplements, really expensive yoga clothes, and more jewelry and never found the right fit for me.  Because it was never really my passion.  Any of those things.  But I know what I am passionate about: my family, classic rock, photography, helping others be successful, living a healthy happy life.  Shiny things, and chocolate, wanting the best things in life for my loved ones, and coffee.  Lots of coffee.


The best thing about where my life is right now is that I am in the perfect place to have all of those things in my life.  I get to stay home with my child, listen to my favorite music and help other people achieve their goals.  I’ve tried other things in the past that just felt lacking in my opinion, they just didn’t help me get to my goals, or they weren’t the right fit for me.  But I am so glad that I can say that I tried!  Just because I was not a successful rep for a company does not mean that I am unsuccessful.  It just means that I have not found my place yet…except I have.  I know with every fiber of my being that I am in the right place at the right time to achieve every goal I have set for myself.

What is one thing that you are passionate about?