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Throwback Thursday

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This was one of those days during my first weight loss journey (pre-baby) that I busted out my “skinny clothes” and tried them on to check my progress.  I was stunned to fit into a 6.  I was sure that they were still going to be too tight.  But they weren’t. I had just gained an entire wardrobe back and was super excited.

I am almost to that point again with this post-baby weight loss.  That point where I can gain back all of my “skinny clothes” and get rid of the fat clothes forever!  If we do decide to have another kidlet, there is no way that I will be a lazy mama.  Fit mommy forever.

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Hadley’s Hand

hadley hand x-ray

Thought I would share Hadley hand update since people have been asking. We met with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon this morning and got her x-rays done. As you can see she does indeed have a double ring finger. But it is not a full length of the finger. That portion to the left will be removed. It was also shown that her pinky does not have its own hand bone, and therefore does not have its own ligaments, tendons and nerves. It shares those of the ring finger. Meaning that it is not independently functional and probably will not help her functionally in the future at all. So we have elected to have her pinky removed. We also can see from the x-ray that her pointer finger is not a “normal” pointer finger either. As it has a much smaller middle bone. They won’t be doing anything with that. It will probably be a little bit smaller and not grow at the same rate as the pointer finger on her left hand. She will be having surgery on Friday September 26th.  So I will be total wreck that day!  She will be in a cast for a month, which is kind of a bummer because it will take place just before her first birthday. So I’ve got only a few short weeks to get this little girl to walk, because crawling will be incredibly difficult for her with the cast on her hand!!  But to make it more fun we will be having a #virtualcastsigning party!  If you’d like to “sign” her cast, you’ll be able to!  Stay tuned for a post about that later in the month!

Jeff's phone 5.21.14 235

I know I haven’t really talked about or posted pictures of her hand situation much. That’s because as her mom, I feel incredible guilt over this little issue. Even though I know in my logical mind I had absolutely nothing to do with this. It does have some genetic implications. But there wasn’t anything that I consciously or unconsciously did to do this and I know that, but I still feel a lot of guilt looking at that x-ray, and every time I look at her hand.


But after doing some reflection it occurred to me that I need to stop feeling shame and guilt about this because I DO NOT want her to feel like it is something that she needs to feel shame and guilt about. It is part of who she is and I love everything about her and who she is. And I MADE that! I created this happy, chubby, independent, hilarious and beautiful human being. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to be her mommy

11 Months

11 months

How is she 11 months old already?!?! It really does seem like only yesterday we we rushing to HCMC to welcome this little munchkin into our arms. It’s scary to think that this is the second to last photo I will take like this!! It’s getting harder to keep her laying still!
She is such a busy bee these days and into everything. All the things. I think it is her mission everyday to get into as many non-baby things as possible!
She loves to type on the keyboard with me while I am working, and loves to take videos of herself, and watch them later. We are sure that she will be walking before her surgery since she is getting so good at walking along everything that she can stand next to. And will RUN with assistance! Look out world!!
She still sings the Mom mom mom song, and asks for the ba ba ba nana song all day.
She is so fun, and awesome.
The countdown to One has begun!!


Throwback Thursday

Finish strong!!

Remember that time I used to go to Jujitsu?  Back before I had a baby and back problems?  Yeah me too.  It was fun.  The hubs still goes, although it’s been a few weeks…life is NUTS here in the Holmberg house this summer!

It’s fun times like this that inspire me to keep going when I am burned out!  I do sort of miss the rush after class…

5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday


I’ve been looking forward to this Friday for a while.  It’s a Baby-Free-Friday!  Well, mostly!  The Hubs is off today for the holiday weekend, so I get some out of the house CPT study time, and then we are having a grown up slumber party at a friends house!  Adult beverages, games and good company…it’s gonna be a blast!

It’s also the weekend of races!!  The Hubs and I are running the Glo Run tomorrow night, then I have a doubleheader on Monday!  Remember last Labor Day…



CRAZY how that was only a year ago!

Ok so here is the 5

  1. Last week I became a part of this awesome team of ladies and I gotta say…I know that this is absolutely the right decision for me and I cannot wait to see where I can go with this team! misFITREPublic_logo_chicks_pink
  2. How is it the end of summer ALREADY!?!?!
  3. We went to see The Giver last weekend…I wasn’t sure based on the trailer that it would be true to the book…but it was.  I balled like a baby during one particular scene…if you’ve read the book or seen the movie then you know what part and why.  I am very interested to see if they will continue the series with the remaining 3 books.  I would love to see the rest of the story on the screen.
  4. I started this new book, well audiobook because you know…babies. 10603449_581598276858_7422801249980577229_n
  5. It’s almost 9:30 am and both of my lovies are still sleeping.  Whaaaaa?

Limelife Planners



ll planner

A few weeks ago I got this little gem from the ladies of Limelife Planners…and I freaking love it!

I will tell you all about the features, but first because everyone asks about the planner because of the cover…

I made a collage of photos that inspire me, that have the people that I love, and things that I am proud of.  I sent the photo over to the ladies after I ordered but had no idea that it would look SO AMAZING!  IT turned out beautifully!

It is an 18 month planner, with a monthly spread and also weekly planning pages too.  The basic planner just has the monthly pages, but you can add a few different add-ons to make this a totally custom planner.  I added the weekly pages, and a meal planner.

ll planner 4


ll planner 2


ll planner 5


I am beyond thrilled with my planner and you should head over to their page and check em out!!

ll planner 3

3 Lactation Recipes That Don’t Suck…so your baby can

lactation recipes that don't suck

When Babylove was first born we really struggled with the breastfeeding thing.  Mostly because I felt like I was not making enough milk.  So I set out to find some lactation cookies that could help me.  And now, nearly 11 months later, we are still going strong!  I can’t believe that we’ve made it nearly a year.

The first batch was sort of a flop.  They tasted awful, and lasted forever because I just didn’t want to eat them.  But then I altered the recipe a bit and the next batch was great!  But you are a new mom and ain’t no booby got time fo dat!

So here are my 3 favorite lactation recipes that I have made, and loved!

Butterscotch Lactation cookies

Lactation Smoothie

White Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies